If you have any questions regarding Allan Kramer’s work, have some history to share about a painting in our gallery or if you have a painting by Allan Kramer that is not in our gallery, we would love to hear from you! One mystery Allan’s family wanted to solve was what happened to his painting of Yosemite Falls in daylight. If you have any clues, we would love to hear them too!


One of Allan Kramer’s many signature styles.

If you would consider adding your Allan Kramer painting to our gallery, send us a note on the form below and we will get back to you. We would just need a good quality digital image of your painting in any format (.jpeg, tif, gif, etc.) Additionally we would love to know its dimensions, title or subject (if known), and any of its history. If you are willing, we would also like to include your name or initials– ‘shown courtesy of ‘.